We each contain an enduring spark of that Wisdom that is at the heart of all creation. Isolated and unsupported, it is but a small spark. United with others, those sparks grow into a flame of illumination and strength for every participant.


That strength which sustains and renews each one of us also sustains and renews our communities, our society, our environment, the Earth. Gathering in wisdom circles enables us to move more deeply into ourselves, into that core that continues to survive, hope, dream and carry on.


Welcome to Wisdom Circles. A wisdom circle is a way for small groups of people to create a safe space within which to be trusting, authentic, caring and open to change. The wisdom circle format encourages participants to reflect more deeply when they know they will not be interrupted or given advice. A wisdom circle is based on ten “constants” or guidelines. It’s designed to encourage people to gather in small groups, listen and speak from the heart, in a spirit of inquiry. By opening and closing the circle with a simple ritual of the group’s choosing, using a talking object, and inviting silence to enter the circle, we create a space together that qualitatively different from an ordinary discussion or support group. This process provides a way to deepen the values that sustain our lives while in the company of kindred spirits. In a wisdom circle, we come to realize how many of us there are who share the life-affirming values of compassion, equality, respect for diversity, and concern for the whole. We encounter people who are committed to these values as their basis for service in the world. Here we can develop greater self-awareness as well as the strength of mutual support.

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